Alan Dalgairns
Alan Dalgairns
Founder / Director
Alan Dalgairns is the Founder and Director of Library of Stuff CIC, a library that lends out items such as tools, sports equipment, and camping gear. He is also the Operations Manager of the Northern Hull Community Rainbow Garden. Alan has a background in IT and logistics. He worked for Kimberly Clark for 19 years, where he helped manage the development of a logistics solution that rolled out across Europe. He later took sole responsibility for the Manufacturing plants IT infrastructure with the support of global teams. In 2012, Alan moved to the University of Hull as a Support Engineer and then onto Support Manager for an “in house” not-for-profit software development company Called Seed Software, which makes mobilising systems for the UK fire service. In 2016, he took over managing the company for the University and managing a great team of developers, together they transformed the company from a surplus of £50K to a surplus of 250k in one year while bringing new products to the market and helping to get the organisation to a commercial footing. Alan's interest in the Library of Things movement started in 2006 when he realised some items on eBay were effectively borrowed (purchased, used and resold multiple times) but with all the hassle of packaging and posting. He started to see a better solution and found the “library of things movement” that began in the USA. With a passion for creating the Library of Stuff, he planned the project and formed the Community Interest Company in November 2019 and opened the incubator in March 2020 establishing it to borrow things in Hull and the surrounding area. Alan is a passionate advocate for the sharing economy and believes that the Library of Stuff can help to reduce waste and promote sustainability. He is also a strong believer in the power of community and the importance of working together to create a better future.

Join the community project!

Volunteer at the Library of Stuff cic

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or have an interesting in joining the team in other ways please drop me a line on

Currently recruiting volunteers for a multitude of tasks such as:-

  1. Listing Items on the web catalogue (can be done at home)
  2. Repair gurus who can do any of the following:- service, repair and sharpen tools. (can be done at home)
  3. Random events to help promote to the Library of Stuff.

Perks include credits to membership at the library so you can borrow for free for the time you are actively volunteering T&C apply

Tim Buescher
Tim Buescher
Hi, I’m Tim Buescher. I have lectured in mental health at the University of Hull since 2016. Before coming into academia, I worked as a care co-ordinator in early intervention in psychosis services in Hull and the East Riding. Overall, I spent 12 years working in local mental health services as a housekeeper, cook, catering supervisor, nursing assistant, student nurse, Care co-ordinator and senior specialist practitioner. I have also been involved in trade unions for much of that time. My PhD looked at family help-seeking in a case of compulsive hoarding. I am very interested in why we hold onto things and what they mean to us. I was really attracted to The library of Stuff because it offers us the chance to enjoy using things over just having them. I have probably have way too many!