I would really appreciate your views! Only three questions and one question is related to sharing and repairing. The Climate Assembly are looking for group responses to a survey, If you can complete this by 19th Nov, I will submit our communities views on the subject on the 20th Nov.

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Thanks to all 69 people who voted! The projector screen won with 28% then the bike trailer and compactor with 20% we put the bike trailer second, due to getting there first. 4th was the badge maker




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Covid-19 update - borrow with confidence!

We have completed a risk assessment following the govenment guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Our systems have been modified to allow time for cleaning and disinfecting of all stock before lending, this will include disinfecting on restocking and before borrowing. 


Will be operating a fully social distanced pickup outside (under cover) this will also allow help with use of item, complete the joining pack for those who are borrowing for the first time, and to check ID’s where necessary.


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